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Context for the “Using Google to Grow Your Business” Western Mass SCORE Workshop

Posted by Christopher Chaput

8/29/16 9:05 AM

First let me applaud you for taking the time to dive deeper into these topics within online marketing and operational efficiency.

It takes commitment to keep up on the newest solutions that may help, so SCORE and Measured Marketing Lab hope these workshops help to inform your business journey.

As we mention in the Western Mass SCORE workshop “Using Google to Grow Your Business” the materials being discussed are courtesy of Google, represent Google’s brand of tools, and most references to web-search assume the search engine. But while Google is an incredibly powerful player in the online world, the “context” presented in class and detailed below is shared because we feel it’s important to emphasize that there is more involved in succeeding with modern marketing than just these Google’s offerings.

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Topics: Marketing Operations, Google Analytics, Search Advertising, Search Engine Optimization


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