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Ecommerce Solutions: Why Not Use WordPress? An Operations Perspective

Posted by Christopher Chaput

11/6/17 12:23 PM

As a marketing operations lab we try hard to keep up with the technology options our clients can use to merchandise and promote their products or services.

Demands on those promotional tools, the most common being a website, usually extend to incorporate other business-processes the team wants to support. The goal for a company technology stack inevitably widens to more efficiently run their ongoing social media, sales, service and back-office operations.

So if Websites are the #1 category of technology we are asked about, I have to say that ecommerce is the particular flavor that raises the most questions. 

Why? Websites can be a powerful marketing tool to attract customers and the right ones can help support other business functions like sales programs, customer handling, and direct-to-customer transactions of ecommerce. So the software you choose matters.

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