Website Monitor + Report Tool Bundle

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When you're in charge and serious about getting new business from online channels, we recommend this Webmaster Reporting bundle.

Reporting is not just visitor traffic counts - you have to know how both search engines and humans see you. Real time data helps you course correct quickly.  

These are used in addition to Google Tag Manager, Analytics and Search Console.
This is a self-service tool set.  Click to learn about professional monitoring.

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A Dashboard Consolidates Website, Ad and Social Reporting

Unlock the power of your data with real-time interactive dashboards and reports that inspire smarter decisions.

Analytics Dashboard Example

 We'll tie in email, call-tracking, social and other systems, and ensure every report is in one spot, right at your fingertips. And we'll configure automated reports right to your inbox.

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Add Search Engine, Webmaster And SEO Monitoring Tool Sets

Your website may look good on the surface. But if Search Engines can't see you, the investments are a waste.

Moz Dashboard Example-1Find and learn how to fix SEO issues impeding your site’s ability to earn quality traffic, higher rank, or be indexed by search engines. Manage SEO complexity from targeting keywords to crawl reports.

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Add Visitor Tracking To See How Your Site Is Actually Used

With a detailed understanding of your customer’s journey over time, you can begin to see patterns.  Visualizations help.

Hotjar Heat Map ExampleMeasure and observe to see what users do, or hear what your users have to say. We'll use this information to get the "big picture" of how to improve your site's user experience and conversion rates. 

Benefits to subscribing through Measured Marketing Lab:

>  Custom reports of your specific KPI's 
>  Expert Webmaster monitoring from pro-level tools
>  Advice on issue / fix prioritization
>  Save 25% on subscription fees 

If a report shows that something needs fixing, you can
hire Measured Marketing Lab:

> Ad hoc technical support
> Site planning or re-platforming
> Fix crawl errors
> Project manage web development tasks



Website Reporting Bundle 

$600 setup + $257.00/mo

month-to-month, cancel anytime

Get information from these tool sets at your fingertips by subscribing through Measured Marketing Lab:

1. Custom Analytics Dashboard*

2. Monitoring + Tracking in MOZ Pro

3. Monitoring + Tracking in Hotjar

 * Assumes Google Tag & Analytics Setup is valid; audited for accuracy; KPI's configured.

This is a self-service program.   
Inquire about professional monitoring

Continuously Monitor How Both Humans And Robots See Your Website


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For Agencies

Marketing Agencies need a way to separate data "signals" from the "noise" and use those insights to steer a Client's future resources to the most profitable investments. 

Reports on business specific KPI's do not come with analytics out of the box. Capturing these customer events, and attributing the event to the marketing action that caused it, requires advanced configuration. 

Measured Marketing Lab is here to manage the software and discipline that organizations need to collect and understand Clients data while managing ongoing reporting.

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