Managed Marketing Reporting

Reporting Manager's answer the universal question:
"How's Marketing doing?"



You're busy running the business so we put answers at your fingertips. 

More aggressive teams look at data weekly or monthly. Less active marketers just need to confirm their pace quarterly or annually.


These are used in addition to Google Tag Manager, Analytics and Search Console .
Includes our Webmaster Reporting bundle.

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Control the systems that report on your marketing performance

We'll connect data sources like your website, email, call-tracking, social and other systems to ensure every report is in one spot, right at your fingertips. 

We'll combine your analytics, social, email tools into a single time-saving dashboard. 


And you really don't want an outside agency controlling your data systems. We'll ensure everything is owned by you.

Ask us about automated reports emailed directly to you and your team.

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Ongoing KPI reporting tells you the "averages" to use in plans

The reason we collect data is to draw conclusions on how marketing efforts are paying off. That insight helps guide and estimate outcomes from the next effort.

And you need an independent way to evaluate performance of your hired agency. 

Measured Marketing Lab simplify the complex
When we're fully up and running you will know which channels contribute the most sales and at what cost.

Whatever metrics your Business or Finance teams need, we'll be the source. 

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Comparing trends will confirm you're using the right tactics

Comparing the cost and benefits of tactics or promotions channels is a key to justifying marketing investments. How each changes over time is even more critical. 

We'll show you those patterns visually with our Analysis tools. 

flipchart_v2Seeing the trends in what your prospective customers do, or don't do, will show where your marketing is strong or weak. 

We'll use this information to share the "big picture" of how your marketing's doing. 

Benefits to hiring Measured Marketing Lab as Reporting Manager:

>  Get a single source of truth for marketing performance
>  Get standard and custom reports for your specific KPI's 
>  Get Webmaster and Technical-SEO monitoring
>  Get advice on prioritizing upgrades and investments
>  Save 25% on reporting tool subscription fees 

If a report shows that something needs fixing, you can hire us for:

> Ad hoc technical support
> Site planning or Re-platforming
> Manage web development tasks



Get the information from these tool sets while saving money by subscribing through Measured Marketing Lab:

1. Custom Analytics Dashboard*

2. Monitoring + Tracking in MOZ Pro

3. Monitoring + Tracking in Hotjar

4. Optional Phone Call Tracking 

5. Optional Live Chat Tracking

 * Assumes Google Tag & Analytics Setup is valid; audited for accuracy; KPI's configured.

Take Compiled Data from Customers and Site Activity to Understand What is Happening on Your Site

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For Agencies

Marketing Agencies need a way to separate data "signals" from the "noise" and use those insights to steer a Client's future resources to the most profitable investments. 

Reports on business specific KPI's do not come with analytics out of the box. Capturing these customer events, and attributing the event to the marketing action that caused it, requires advanced configuration. 

Measured Marketing Lab is here to manage the software and discipline that organizations need to collect and understand Clients data while managing ongoing reporting.

ASK US ABOUT WHITE LABEL REPORTING available with annual support programs.

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