Configure, Audit, Update Google Analytics

Get the confidence to take action knowing your data's accurate.

Google Tag + Analytics Config


Chief Marketing Officers report that, within the next three years, they will spend 11% of their marketing budgets on analytics.

Because learning from your data is the key to doing better.

Source: The CMO Survey Highlights and Insights Report - Feb 2019


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Setup Analytics (correctly)

Tracking is complicated. Using your Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics,  we’ll manage the connections between your website and reporting tools.

step-01-graphicWe'll tie in email, call-tracking, social, Google Search Console and other systems you're using to ensure everything is tracking.

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Configure To The Business

Advanced configurations are where we drill down. Our goal is higher-level insights about how visitors find and use your site, and how to keep them coming back.


Together we’ll model the most common customer paths for general and unique campaigns you'll want to report on. 

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Turn Your Data Into Information

Tracking of KPI’s over time reveals patterns. Using pattern analysis we try to discern which are coincidence and which are causal relationships.


While the first emphasis in Analytics is more about "understanding what happened" this second emphasis is "interpreting why."


Data analytics can be a game changer
for marketing organizations:


McKinsey’s DataMatics study showed that firms in the top quartile of analytics performance were 20 times better at attracting new customers and more than five times better at retaining existing ones than firms in the bottom quartile.

better at attracting customers

Gain Confidence In Your Measurement Program


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When You Have Goals In Hand, You're Ready To Configure Analytics

 A systems to report on "goals" does not come with analytics out of the box. Tracking these metrics requires configuration.

 PRO TIP:  Multiple tools are required to record a success so "goal configuration" is complex. Since conversions and their attribution are a critical data point in any ROI analysis we recommend using an expert to set these system configurations. We also advise clients to use "alerts" to warn you when data collection is interrupted and requires an audit.