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Context for the “Using Google to Grow Your Business” Western Mass SCORE Workshop

Posted by Christopher Chaput

8/29/16 9:05 AM

SCORE_western_massachusetts.pngFirst let me applaud you for taking the time to dive deeper into these topics within online marketing and operational efficiency.

It takes commitment to keep up on the newest solutions that may help, so SCORE and Measured Marketing Lab hope these workshops help to inform your business journey.

As we mention in the Western Mass SCORE workshop “Using Google to Grow Your Business” the materials being discussed are courtesy of Google, represent Google’s brand of tools, and most references to web-search assume the search engine. But while Google is an incredibly powerful player in the online world, the “context” presented in class and detailed below is shared because we feel it’s important to emphasize that there is more involved in succeeding with modern marketing than just these Google’s offerings.

Google-Analytics-icon.pngThat said, taking advantage of Google’s free tools can be very helpful to any business’ mix of marketing tactics and best practices, and their paid solutions can support important business processes. We strongly encourage you to explore each wider topic and the Google solution in that space.  


"Grow Your Business with Google" Workshop Topics:

  1. Search overview – How websites appear in search results - paid and organic
  2. Advertising in searches with Google AdWords and AdWords Express
  3. Measuring website activity with Google Analytics and Search Console
  4. Researching topics using Google Trends for keyword popularity comparisons
  5. Team Efficiency and ways to use Google Apps to streamline an organization


These tools from Google are specific solutions within the larger, broader topics of:

  • On-site Marketing - topics include website architecture, content, keywords, copy writing, image file names and meta data, and many more factors that influence your site’s rank in a search engine results page.
  • Off-site Marketing – topics include advertising, directories, public relations, link-building, other tactics that occur off your site but often link back to your site.
  • Performance Measurement – topics include measuring marketing, sales, service effectiveness, revenue and financial impacts, and monitoring website technical performance factors such as response time /download speed, broken links, and more.
  • Market Research – topics include defining customer segments, tracking changes in vocabulary, accounting for industry trends and new direct or indirect competitors
  • Operational Efficiency – these are the “IT Department” topics of archiving and sharing files, secure email, integrating shared database tools, capturing backups, preventing hacks and the like 

Recommended prerequisites

Before attending any of the marketing-related workshops it's helpful to have some business planning done. Specifically it's helpful to have your notes organized so your plan is integrated and cohesive as well as ready at your finger tips.

  1. Define Your Company + Brand Strategy
  2. Have Goals Set + Ways to Track Them
  3. Write Out Your Integrated Marketing, Sales and Service Tactical Plan + Budget

Success in any goal usually correlates to effort and persistent striving to do better. Marketing your business online is no different. I encourage you to keep attending workshops and seminars in all topics of online marketing.



Now let's hear from YOU:  

Do you attend informational sessions? What topics do you wish you knew more about? Let us know what you're thinking and leave a comment below.

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