Build Local + National Directory Citations

Expand past your own website with listings in directories.

According to the search industry leader, high-quality, authoritative citations are viewed by experts as the #1 ranking factor in competitive local search markets.

 We'll guide your process to manually claim and build every citation, or use our citation-service to save time and ensure consistency.


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Plan And Organize Your Information Carefully

The basic directories include your company name, phone number, address.

Many others will include website links, and still others publish your logo and images.


It pays to organize everything in advance.

That ensures consistent listings and easier project management when building or auditing citations.

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Choose Categories Synchronized With SEO

Search engines use category data when deciding which businesses to show for particular searches.

 Directories support your positioning.


The search engines will not display a business that isn't categorized — or even worse, incorrectly categorized — for target keywords.

Strategic choices display your business in the best-matched searches.

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Target The Best Directories + Claim Your Listings

Each new listing you create increases your chances of being found online.

At the same time, many of the local business indexes share data with each other.


So the more places you are listed and the more visible you are, the more other indexes trust the accuracy of your business data.

Both of those increase your chances of ranking better in local searches.


Average Budgets:

First 10 Directories $600

Cleanup Existing Citations starts at $1,200

Niche or Specialty Directory Fees Vary


It's estimated that citations make-up roughly 25% of overall local search engine ranking factors.

Source: - The 2015 Local Search Ranking Factors


 To Be Found In More Places Online Build Lots Of Directory Citations.

A Lab Specialist will help you structure and optimize your information then manage the manual claims process.


When considering directories to target, don't overlook the old guard.

The Better Business Bureau website ( averages 10.4 million visits every month. Source: Alexa

Annual cost starts around $625 and typically BBB Accredited Businesses see the return on their investment within the first 4 months of Accreditation. Source:



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