Marketing Analytics Manager

Analytics Managers explain "Why?" and "How do we improve?"

Analytics Manager

To earn new business, someone has to be minding the store. Digital storefronts are no different.

When you're busy doing whatever your business does, we'll manage the Track, Understand and Optimize analytics tasks for you.

These are used in addition to Google Tag Manager, Analytics and Search Console.
Includes our Webmaster Reporting bundle.

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Track customer touch-points across permanent and new campaigns 

We'll keep up with marketing by adding new campaigns to your ongoing analytics or social, chat, phone call and email tracking. 

Using real-time dashboard tools, we'll know every metric at the touch of a button.

The data itself is half the battle. Armed with the best raw data we can segment and filter our way to specific answers to business questions. 

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Understand the market, competition and your website activity trends

Things are not always in our control. Competitors make changes to their sites, and Search Engines change their algorithm all the time.

That impacts your online success.


Sometimes we're fixing SEO issues that impede your site’s ability to earn high quality traffic, rank, or be indexed by search engines. 

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Continuously test optimization opportunities 

Following your customer’s journey over time, you can begin to answer "How many visitors complete the desired action." 

We'll then try to improve by testing different versions of pages, headlines or offers. 


We'll manage the optimization science and come back to you with specific changes to make that will earn more business.

Benefits to hiring Measured Marketing Lab as your Analytics Manager:

>  Get the real facts about marketing performance - not what your agency tells you
>  Get the stats and graphs that explain what's happening with your specific KPI's 
 Find out if something mechanical is holding you back from best performance
>  Get unbiased advice on which upgrades and investments will pay you back quickly
>  Save 25% on reporting tool subscription fees

If a report shows that something needs fixing, you can hire us for:

> Ad hoc technical support
> Site planning or Re-platforming
> Manage web development tasks


Get the information from these tool sets while saving money by subscribing through Measured Marketing Lab:

1. Custom Analytics Dashboard*

2. Monitoring + Tracking in MOZ Pro

3. Monitoring + Tracking in Hotjar

4. Optional Phone Call Tracking 

5. Optional Live Chat Tracking

 * Assumes Google Tag & Analytics Setup is valid; audited for accuracy; KPI's configured.

Improve with Key Insights into How Your Business is Functioning 

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For Agencies

Marketing Agencies need a way to separate data "signals" from the "noise" and use those insights to steer a Client's future resources to the most profitable investments. 

Reports on business specific KPI's do not come with analytics out of the box. Capturing these customer events, and attributing the event to the marketing action that caused it, requires advanced configuration. 

Measured Marketing Lab is here to manage the software and discipline that organizations need to collect and understand Clients data while managing ongoing reporting.