External Agency Audits and Oversight

A better way to oversee your marketing Agencies.


As you grow your business you will likely use outside freelancers or an external marketing firm along the way.

To protect momentum Owners must manage those relationships - not the other way around. 

Marketing Operations role is to ensure an Agency stays true to your brand and message while protecting the hidden assets of technology, data collection and your Google rank progress. 

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Audit, Update Or Create The Brand Plan To Guide Agency Efforts

When building a home, you capture designs in a set of blueprints before you hire a Carpenter. It's no different when building a brand - you have to write out your goals and strategy so the agency can determine the tactics to use.


Ensure that you've clearly identified the elements of your brand and goals so each execution stays "on brand."

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Configure Owners Analytics To Monitor Agency Performance

To see the big picture, you can't rely on Agency reports. Data from every activity has to be centralized to the Owners analytics. Only then can you see the real performance, not just what the Agency tells you.
Measured Marketing Lab simplify the complex

To get unfiltered data on Agency performance, double check your Analytics is in your control and that all marketing activities are tracked.

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Review Current Agency Performance Or Guide The Hiring Process

As the complexity of marketing has grown, hiring help got harder too.  Finding a "marketing firm" really means knowing the exact marketing niche(s), setting multiple budgets, then finding and managing help.


With your brand plan in hand, and a feel for the outcomes you'll track in Analytics, you'll clearly see the skills you need to hire. 

Benefits to Measured Marketing Lab overseeing your external agencies:

>  We speak their language so you don't have to
>  Save time answering "what do you want"
>  Get unbiased advice on design or mechanical improvements
>  Know where your Agency has traction and where they're weak
>  Be sure you get what you're paying for

If a report shows that something needs fixing, we've got a team you can use:

Over the years we've developed a short list of experts for almost every task.
Through experience we've vetted them and entrust our clients to them.

>  Troubleshoot traffic flows and conversion rates
>  Tech support for most online tools and website platforms
>  Graphics creation, video and image editing
>  Website and customer technology selection or re-platforming
>  Project management of customer systems and web development tasks



Agency Reviews

Owner Recaps 

Depending on the level of Marketing Activity you will want to set a routine to monitor and update performance tracking of all Agencies  involved in promoting your brand. 

 * Assumes Google Tag & Analytics Setup is valid; audited for accuracy; KPI's configured.

Get Peace of Mind With Your Own Expert Overseeing External Agencies


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How We Work

Loop us into your marketing strategy and we'll become part of the team. We'll contribute to the big-picture plan that lays out how exactly you will get new customers. 

With a firm understanding of the strategy and goals, we can short list the likely tactics based on your budget. It's here we identify the types of expertise your agency will need to be successful.

Together we'll decide the best way to get creative and technical support needed to grow your band over time.  Measured Marketing Lab is here to manage the science, software and discipline you need to supervise any Agency you hired to plan and execute your marketing plan.