Planning Marketing Operations

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Planning Phase: Turn Marketing Strategies Into Managed Programs.


To grow and establish your business online you need a planned approach.
Initial planning demands focusing on your customer management and database systems. 


Inquire about these Lab Services:


Lead-Genneration +
E-Commerce Websites

Sure, websites can attract customers - but exactly how will that look, feel and operate? We'll blueprint a website that successfully attracts, engages, converts and supports customers.


Customer Management +
Data Systems

Your business is unique, so your customer management system has to work the way you do. We'll plan your database and reporting tools that shows the big-picture and exposes customer opportunities.


Sales Followup +
Transaction Assistants

You got the publics attention - now what? Successful marketing means you need a plan to deal with prospects. Together we'll model a followup process while looking at ways to save time by automating steps.


Review +
Referral Systems

We know the opinion of others can sway our own opinion. And many people rely on input before they act or buy. Let's develop your plan for referrals and sharing reviews so the public can see how great you are!

Ask Us About Support or Management of Your Online Plan,
or any Marketing, Sales and Service Technology

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Managing the details can turn a website into a “productivity” tool

For context, the Lab uses a 165 point checklist when refreshing or re-platforming an ecommerce of lead-generation website.

Learn these core 25 considerations or use this as a checklist to double check your website’s condition.

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"We used to have to buy our traffic from AdWords. The Lab helped us get better quality traffic from our own content, and save $6,000 every year."

- Barry S., Sales Consultant at an Industrial Manufacturer