Marketing Operations Support Services

Simplify the complexities of marketing:


Coordinate Strategies

Good ideas, to be successful, must blossom into programs, Managed programs earn customers, referrals and loyalty.


Manage Technology

Establish simple processes and choose scalable technology to be capable of wining more sales, at a higher velocity and lower cost.


Measure Outcomes

The Lab brings the tools and best practices essential to measuring the success or failure of marketing, sales, and service efforts.

Together we'll make sense of it all.

Strategies to
be Coordinated

Technology to
be Managed

Outcomes to
be Measured

Activate Marketing

  • Attracting Strangers
  • Delighting Customers
  • Building the Brand

  • Website Optimization
  • Customer Analytics
  • Technical SEO

  • Budgets + Plans
  • Paid + Earned Activity
  • Trends + Comparisons

Enable Interactions

  • Upsell + Cross-sell
  • Cross-Pollinate Brands
  • Customer Self-Service

  • Segment Touch Points
  • Service via Social
  • Loyalty + Referral Tools

  • Customer Touch Points
  • Conversion Testing
  • Campaign Reporting

Drive Efficiency

  • Call, Chat, Email, MMS
  • Orders + Transactions
  • Automated Processes

  • Customer Database
  • PPC + Goal Trackers
  • Systems Integrations

  • Sales Pipeline
  • Service Activity
  • Return On Investment
Strategies to be Coordinated
Technology to be Managed
Outcomes to be Measured

Three ways to work with Measured Marketing Lab:


A. Consulting & Analysis

Sometimes you just need to double check the facts, decide between two options, or understand your data a bit better.

Whatever your question, we’re happy to consult in small sessions.


B. Project Management

When your next improvement is complicated or time consuming you can hire the Lab to define, scope and manage the project.

We’ll take care of the details so you can stay focused on your customers.


A+B. Continual Improvement

Make MML staff part of your team with an ongoing support program to run projects and the myriad of small recurring tasks.

Get support across all areas, or fill specific gaps in your in-house skills.

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