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Marketing Operations uses data analytics to develop a pathway to higher profitability.

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It takes a combination of analytics systems working in harmony to get good data. Harnessing information and insights from those systems will help you see important trends in key performance indicators.


Gaining traction or momentum in business means watching the bottom line. The Lab extends typical financial measurement to include digital marketing metrics to help you watch ALL the key indicators.


Measurement plans have to get translated to analytics configurations. The Lab will help you model carefully planned tags and triggers to populate reports with true information and not just data.


Where to start depends on what's in place so far. Inquire below about one or all of these Lab Services:



Data Analysis + Conversion Audits

This work typically audits demand generation impacts Marketing and Sales, Business Units, IT and Finance to identify performance gaps and adjust priorities.

- Take Aim. Allocate Resources.



Track Goals. Analyze KPI's.

Focus on key performance indicators to make market, customer, product and service decisions that create value for customers and shareholders.

Google Tags + Analytics Setup



Social Monitoring + Analytics

These technologies support automating intelligence gathering, such as social media monitoring as well as tools to track social engagement and sales.

- Monitor Reach. Measure Impact.


Campaign + Reporting Programs

These technologies and programs create and monitor customer interaction and support the customer-buying journey.

- Capture Outcomes. Interpret Results.

Inquire About Measuring Marketing, Sales and Service Outcomes

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Better conversion rates come from carefully planned interactions with your visitors

This Lab Report contains core best practices for the building blocks of lead generation to help bolster your conversion rates. But these tactics are only the tip of the iceberg - for best results these practices must be carefully adapted to your specific business model.

Look for suggestions covering Content, Landing Pages, Calls To Action, Forms and Promotion

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"Getting help steering our marketing investments has paid back the consulting fees five-fold in the first 8 months."

- Terri S., Customer Service Manager at a National Distributor