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What's up With Google?

Posted by Christopher Chaput

3/3/15 7:36 AM


Google is a moving target making it hard to follow their trajectory. So here in Spring 2015 we thought we would take a stab at a very rough summary. You might be surprised by the variety of places where you'll find Google, but you'll soon see the common thread is YOU.  

This post is not a conspiracy theory letter, nor is it an exhaustive listing of Google's reach. Our aim is to provide a quick overview of Google's business model - a post with links so you can better understand Google

Our Methodology

We took a look at their financial's to follow the money trail. Then we worked backwards into the products and services that produce that revenue. That's it.

Our Findings

Here is how the money flows (courtesty of The largest slice of the pie irepresents online service-sites that we all use for free.  Google gets paid to show us ads.


See the article "Three charts explain everything you need to know about Apple, Google and Microsoft"


Some of the Google tools we thought may be of interest to our friends 

Arts & Education 



Webmaster + Analytics



You may also be interested in the Video from a Google Watcher ColdfusTion 





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